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SAGER (South-Easterly Wind)

Documentary Film, 2016

In Collaboration with Dennis Newie & Hans Ahwang

Dancer and choreographer Dennis Newie travels back to his ancestral island home Mua, which is located in a remote part of Australia. In order to go to school and find work, many residents, like Dennis, need to travel south to the mainland. Like Sager, the south-easterly wind, they always find a way to return to their island home. Through an idyllic mosaic of island life, we find out how they manage to keep their traditional culture alive through dance, song and customs.

After collaborating on the film, in summer 2016, Dennis Newie and Hans Ahwang were invited by Jana Kölmel to participate in a month long residency in her home town Cologne. Here, the two performed at a first screening of the film and held a workshop for residents of Cologne, teaching their songs and dances.

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