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Transfer International

December 2018 - January 2019

Pleased to announce that I was invited to participate in an artist residency initiated by the inspiring team behind 'This is not a feminist project.' The residency will take place in Athens beginning of next year and is funded by NRW Kultur/Transfer International

About the project:


»This is not a feminist project« is a multimedia online platform that presents the documented history of the Greek Women's Movement and showcases contemporary female stories via a living, digital archive/timeline. The platform incorporates a broad range of media, from audio-visual to digitised printed material.

As a segment of »This is not a feminist project’s« cultural/artistic activities, we would like to propose the realisation of an artists residency in collaboration with a selected female artist from North Rhine-Westphalia who works with new media and moving image, and is committed to engaging with diverse communities and exploring matters relevant to our initiative’s focus.

Read more clicking on this link.

Shortlist Stanthorpe Art Prize 2018

15th June - 19th July

Pleased to announce that my piece "Serjoscha (Children's Bedroom) 2018" from the series Staged Photographs has been shortlisted for the Stanthorpe Art Prize and will be exhibited in their exhibition in Australia.

Winners will be announced on 15th June during the Gala Opening. Wish me luck!

About Stanthorpe Art Gallery

Located in the heart of the Granite Belt Queensland, the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery tempts you to experience quality exhibitions of both national and local importance. An epicentre for all visual arts, the art gallery fosters a program of regional artist exhibitions and displays that are relevant to the history and character of the region.


The gallery, home to a permanent collection of almost 900 pieces, hosts specially curated exhibitions of traditional and contemporary paintings, works on paper, ceramics, sculpture, and fibre/ textile artworks.

This strong collection of noted artists’ works, is sourced from acquisitions made during the biennial Stanthorpe Art Prize.

'Cologne Residency' in the News


MUA. Rhythms from Home

04.11. - 26.11.2016

Jana Kölmel und Dennis Newie

MUA  Rhythms from Home


The exhibition „MUA” presents photographs and video works by Jana Kölmel & Dennis Newie. The center piece of the show is the documentary film „SAGER (South-Easterly Wind).” A film that tells stories on living between modern and traditional worlds, shot on Mua Island in the Torres Straits, Australia.


Opening: Friday, the 04.11.2016 at 7pm


Exhibition: 04.11. – 26.11.2016


Opening times:

Fr – Sat 5-7pm and by appointment




Ebertplatzpassage 5  

50668 Köln

MUA - Preview


Jana Kölmel, Dennis Newie, Hans Ahwang

18:00 h

The exhibition MUA is part of an exchange programme. I have invited Dennis Newie, director of the dance group ARPAKA together with the dancer Hans Ahwang to come to Cologne for an artist residency. On the night of the 27.09.16 they are performing a selection of their songs and dances, followed by a screening of my new film "SAGER (South-Easterly Wind)" that was shot on Moa Island.

The preview takes place at LABOR Project Gallery, and the exhibition is scheduled for November.


Ebertplatzpassage 5  

50668 Köln

Dennis and Hans will then give a workshop to the people of Cologne starting on the 3rd of October. Information about the workshop: Facebook Event

"Mit Anderen Augen Sehen" Kunsthalle Nürnberg

14.10.2016 - 15.01.2017

The exhibiton "Mit Anderen Augen" is travelling to Nürnberg in October this year. Lovely to see my work "Kaffeehaus" featured on the flyer for it's exhibition announcement for 2016.

Opening: 13.10.16 20:00

Check out Kunsthalle Nürnberg website for more information.

Australia Project Progress


Since August last year, I have been working on a new film project that is invested in understanding indigenous cultures of Australia, focusing on contemporary indigenous dance practise. 


A scholarship by the NRW Culture Ministry funded my first three months here, and I just handed in my report (above figure) to them. I thought this was a good itme to share the progress of the project.


I was forunate to have been supported by Cairns Indigenous Art Fair in many ways. They have put me in touch with a range of dancers. 

CIAF took me on another journey in the last few weeks. As part of their team, I went to Melbourne Fashion Festival, where CIAF was invited to present their Indigenous Fashion Performance. The show was curated by Grace Lillian Lee, fashion designer, in collaboration with Fiona Wirrer-George, choreographer and dancer. The show presented indigenous textiles and fashion designs of Far North Queensland, and was more than just a runway show. It was a beautiful merge of cultural song, dance and movements with contemporary music, in a contemporary fashion world context. 


This is a quick snapshot of the work I have done here so far. There has been a long phase of research beforehand, and this journey hopefully continues to take me on further adventures.

fig. 01: Video Stills, CIAF Fashion Performance at VAMFF

Mit Anderen Augen sehen - Das Porträt in der Zeitgenössischen Kunst

25.02. - 08.05.2016

Eröffnung der Ausstellung "Mit Anderen Augen Sehen" im Kunstmuseum Bonn am 24.02.16 um 20 Uhr und in der SK Stiftung Kultur Köln am 25.02.2016 um 19Uhr. Die Ausstellung läuft vom 25.02. - 08.05.2016.


Meine Arbeiten "Kaffeehaus, 2011" und "Something to do with my Father, 2014" sind Teil dieser umfassenden Gruppenausstelllung zum Portrait in der zeitgenössischen Fotografie.


Opening of the exhibition "Through different Eyes - The Portrait in contemporary Art"

My works "Kaffeehaus, 2011" and "Something to do with my Father, 2014" will be on display as part of this comprehensive group show on the portrait in contemporary photography.


Kunstmuseum Bonn, 24.02.16 at 8pm

SK Stiftung Kultur, 25.02.16 at 7pm


The exhibition is on from 25.02. to 08.05.2016


For more information please visit the website:

Entre el Tren y el Anden

17th December '15 until February 2016

Two works of my photographic project "Staged Photographs" are on display at Metro Polanco Station in Mexico City. The exhibiton is part of the year of the UK in Mexico, supported by the British Council. The show is on until March 2016.


featuring works by

Eileen Cooper, Henry Hussey, Hannah Bays, James H. Robertson, Jana Koelmel, Stewart Geddes, Matt Ager, Paul Schneider, Jack Burton y Richard Lockett


curated by Javier Calderon


for more information visit:


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